Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This Just In

Don't normally do the "link only" posts, but got diverted to this amusing cartoon while following the mid-term races (no, not the Melbourne Cup). Dems pick up the House, but not the Senate...? Worth a look.

Update: the Democrats have picked at least fifteen seats in the House and four in the Senate. The latter still not enough to give them control, but it may go down to the wire.

Early days yet, but as I said to someone in a fit of unreasonable optimism earlier in the week: the world is about to change for the better. That was based on US politics too, though more on my prediction that the 2008 race would be McCain vs. Obama...Is the US ready to elect a black man? Maybe. Is the US ready to elect a woman? Maybe. Hilary Clinton? ...?

Either which way, it's got to get better. The Dark Lords (Darth Cheney et al) will no longer rule us (or at least not quite so blatantly). And yes, I know that Clinton oversaw the complete rejection of Kyoto, and ushered in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act with barely a murmur...but that was a Republican-controlled Congress too.

Come on, it's a good day. We just disabled the reactor core in the Death Star. Well done, Ohio.

And finally: it seems that the Democrats may have secure the Senate as well. And Donald Rumsfeld got fired, I mean resigned. Only six years too late.

People commenting on New Zealand's Public Address blog picked up some of the highlights from Little Green Footballs, where some posters were sure American would immediately suffer a nuclear terrorist attack as a result of having elected Democrats. The scary part is...they were looking forward to it.

Mind you, we have our own, resident, Mark Steyn-suffering-from-advanced-dementia nutjobs as well, as the comments thread on this post shows.


Cecilia said...

Hoorah! Yesterday marked a definite shift in the landscape. America ushered out Bush's rubber stamp Congress we've had for the last few years and Britney finally ditched K-Fed. Sen. John McCain, a likely 2008 presidential contender, said Republicans had lost their way, telling NBC News that “many in our base believed we valued power over principle.” Um, well yeah...and then there was the fact that the country has about had enough of hypocritcal moralizing about so-called family values while high up Rebuplicans knowingly cover up one of their own preying on teenagers in his employ.

Of course, there are a lot of hurdles down the road, the Iraq mess being the biggest. Not really an easy solution here. Since we've already created rather a large mess, I don't believe we morally or strategically can just pull out and walk away at this point.

Will America be ready for a black or female president in 2008? Clinton fan as I am, I don't think Hillary could get the support against say, John McCain. Obama, in my mind, is more of a possibility, if for no other reason than the fact that the country got somewhat used to the idea of a black president from watching several seasons of "24".

Which brings me back to Britney. Did she announce her plans to divorce her poster-child-for-white-trash hubby on election day, knowing that the media might not even notice? Was there a chance that for one day in the year the public might actually be more interested in the state of the nation than celebrity gossip?? Intentional or not, that's actually how it worked out. It's been almost 24 hours and the woman the media is in a frenzy about is still Nancy Pelosi! Could this herald a new era?!

Susan said...

Yeh! from me too!! Anything that keeps "celebrities" off the front pages in favour of real news gets my vote. Go Nancy Pelosi! I agree with Cecilia about Hillary, even more so after hearing Hillary speak after her win. Don't want to be hearing more of the same in news clips for years to come. Fascinating day yesterday - can anyone remember when the mid-terms were so dramatic and created so much interest? Or is it I who have changed?

Simon Bidwell said...

Yes, the real question is: is this a case of Wag the Dog? Did Britney deliberately use politics to distract the nation from an important personal issue? I demand an immediate inquiry by a special committee of paparazzi, chaired by Oprah.