Monday, August 27, 2007

On With the Reconstruction

The rubble is still being cleared, and 41 bodies haven't yet been found, but plans for reconstruction in the parts of southern Peru hit by last week's earthquake are underway.

On Monday the 20th, Peruvian president Alan Garcia indicated that he would propose the establishment of an independent body charged with leading the reconstruction. He said it would be led by a an "irreprochable person of great industry and decisiveness" who would "movilize all sectors to reconstruct the affected zone".

On Friday 24th, Garcia confirmed that businessman Julio Favre would be the designated leader, working through a committe including local mayors, regional presidents, as well as relevant businesses and their technicians and architects.

The vision as elaborated by the Peruvian president appeared to be one not just of reconstruction but of modernization and transformation. He suggested that as well as erecting properly-designed buildings and infrastructure, the project would double-lane the Ica-Lima highway, and make operational the previously unused port of Pisco.

By Saturday 25,Favre, already denominated the reconstruction "tsar" had put together his project team to lead Forsur (Fondo para la Reconstrucción del Sur), and local reporters accompanied him and Pisco mayor to inspect an area of terrain to the south of the city where it was intended the rebuilding would start.

President Garcia announced that Forsur would have available a budget of 260 million soles ($85 million USD), and would also construct housing for 'one or two thousand people'.

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