Tuesday, January 15, 2008

South Island Summer

Here are some more photos from Christmas and New Year in Canterbury. The majority are thanks to my girlfriend Paola and my sister Cecilia (who has a flash camera with fancy lenses). At this time of the year, stringing together a coherent series of words just seems a bridge too far, but I have a new stack of blog posts lined up for the near future.

As always, click to enlarge.

Playing frisbee, Motunau beach, North Canterbury.

Dozens of roses, Christchurch botanic gardens.

Butterfly on mountain daisy, near Lake Coleridge, Canterbury high country.

Lake Coleridge, Canterbury high country (featuring my Mum and Dad).

Sunset over Motunau Beach, North Canterbury.


Cecilia said...

It all looks so idyllic...

Flash cameras and fancy lenses are nothing without great subject matter :)

Simon said...

Nice to see you all looking well!

All the best for 2008:)