Monday, February 04, 2008

On the Road, Irreverently

Road Junky is a web site aimed at travellers and adventurers -- wannabe and otherwise, which has the singular aim of not being the Lonely Planet.

It's a mixture of travel stories, best and worst lists, written and visual dispatches, and destination guides. The latter are described as 'irreverent', skipping all the long list of hostels and eateries from the Lonely Planet but touching on themes that are too sensitive for the latter publication -- such as romance and drugs.

The content ranges from somewhat sophomore to gonzo-like brilliance. Stumbling across it by chance, I liked some of the material, and took the liberty of sending them some of my own stories.

The reply suggested that I write a guide to New Zealand, which I've now gone ahead and done (one of the reasons for being a little quiet in blogland of late). It isn't as amusing and edgy as some of the stuff on there, but hopefully will pass muster.

I understand they're putting my 'guide' up within the next month. If possible, I may also eventually serialise some of it here.

Update: my 'guide to New Zealand' is now up on the home page at Road Junky.

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