Saturday, July 26, 2008

Guatemala (and other) Stor(ies) at Road Junky

Update: they've now put up this one as well, which has been renamed from its original title: "Crazy Beat Nights on the Panamericana". I guess they thought the Kerouac reference was either too obscure or too pretentious...

Further update: And also this one on the Bus Busker in Latin America. Not seen before on this blog, although friends and family may have been subjected to draft versions.

The chaps at Road Junky are putting up a few of my spare travel stories -- the more gonzo ones that I never managed to get a positive response to from the New Zealand newspapers and magazines (which is not to say that my net total of positive responses is even very high). This one has currently got fifth spot on their front page -- people who know me will recognize it as one I occasionally tell when everyone is bringing out their hair-raising travellers tales over a few beers.

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Paola said...

Hmmmm... esa no fue la vez que te tumbaron los dientes???! muecazos los que les diste.

Recuerdo que esa historia me la contaste por primera vez en en Interislander, cuando íbamos a Picton.

Terence said...

thanks simon - those are great stories.