Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Blog Resolutions

Late last year, I managed to scribble a brief note saying that I was suffering from post-study brain exhaustion and could hardly have a coherent thought, let alone put it in writing.

I feel like I've almost recovered from that state now, but it took me a long time. Having finished studies at the end of October, by the first week of January my brain was still emerging from the swamp. In a couple of weeks I'll be back at university (assuming I don't fall afoul of the Kafkaesque enrolment procedures) and it will be all too easy to let blogging stagnate before it even really starts again.

So, inspired by the example of Terence Wood, I'm going to make a list of topics for future posts. Hopefully, this will commit me to actually following through and finishing them. Current ideas include:

  • A review of David Landes' The Wealth and Poverty of Nations and reflections on its implications for development studies.
  • A post titled 'Why We Should Spread the Wealth Around', inspired by the the Republican attempts to portray Barack Obama as a socialist during the last days of the presidential campaign, and Obama's reluctance to provide any direct defense of redistributionist policies
  • Following the recent public transport theme, and in the 'personal philosophy' category, a post on why I prefer trains.


terence said...

No, I say! Aim higher than the list, actually write the posts. That will put you one up on me :)

Susan said...

Yes, I keep checking to see if they have materialised! And university is about to start so what hope do we have of seeing them?

Simon Bidwell said...

They will be done; it is written.