Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slowly But Surely...

...Andean Observer 1.0 is coming together. There are now basically complete pages of images with Nat-Geo style captions covering Lake Titicaca to La Paz, Iquitos and the Amazon, Bolivia's Spectacular Southwest, Climbing in the Andes, Peru's Varied Cuisine, and Flora and Fauna of the Andes and Amazon (NB: click to enlarge the images).

Many of the images are scanned from print photos and are not fantastic quality, but there's lots of interesting places and moments that would otherwise be gathering dust. This is something of a labour of love and could be described as an attempt to present all that I've learned and experienced from my times in Latin America.

I had intended to do a 'Travel Information' section that would help answer those periodic requests for advice I get from people planning a trip to South America. However, it's been over two years since I was there, so I'm not even sure my travel advice is even good any more. I'll wait until my planned trip in the middle of the year to make sure I'm up to date and to refresh my memory on some of the details.

It's clear that as I move on to updating and improving sections of this website, and adding other features, I'll need a better way of managing the content. I'd also like to give it a more attractive and professional appearance. I can maybe learn how to make some of these improvements, but I'm not sure I have the time. If anybody out there is a budding web designer/developer and is interested in practicing on an amateur project, consider dropping me a line. The next task is to develop Andean Observer 2.0.

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