Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Minute Running Update

So, the race is tomorrow. Last weekend I had my last training run and it didn't go well. I was a little stiff from previous exertions, and found it a struggle. Three indoor football games later (all of which came close to qualifying as my worst of the season) and I'm tender in a number of areas. Sleep and diet haven't been that good in the last week either, so overall I'm not confident.

The one thing looking good is the weather. A moderate northerly is looking likely in mild early morning conditions. That should make for some blistering times given the southern bias of the course. I'm just hoping to struggle through to a personal best, but it will be touch and go.


Paola said...

Vas a lo que vas... a correr, eso es lo que hay. Lo demas es por anadidura. Buena suerte!!!

soph said...

Yes, well I have a duathlon in 2 weeks and have seriously under-trained. look forward to seeing your results

Lucila said...

Hola estuve revisando tu blog y me parece muy interesante y entretenido, sobre todo que la información es detallada y precisa, espero que sigas posteando más temas para informarnos y comentar.

Guissella said...

Déjame felicitarte, que bueno que está tu blog los temas tienen la información exacta que me interesa, sigue posteando más sobre estos temas.