Monday, January 17, 2011

Harping On the SOEs Again

An excellent critique by Marty G in the Standard of what he terms a "stalking horse article" in the Herald promoting part-privatisation of State Owned Enterprises. The article itself reads like a mash up or three or four hundred similar ones over the past thirty years.

Something I've always wondered as I've digested the neoliberal talking points that are on such high rotate in New Zealand discourse: if the Atlases of the business world are such incredible wealth creators that they must not be constrained by taxes or regulation, why aren't they out madly creating new industries and markets instead of constantly obsessing about government services and getting their hands on public assets?

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terence said...

I couldn't agree more. The formula for wealth creation amongst our Randoid economic elites, seems to have nothing to do with innovation and creating a good product and everything to do with getting your hands on a natural monopoly and milking it for what it's worth...