Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Next Goal

It seemed to have worked well with Aconcagua, so I'm going to repeat the tactic of announcing a goal publicly in order to force myself to carry it through.

My next objective is to run a marathon before winter 2012.


Cecilia said...


I can assure you that running a marathon is a trifling task compared to climbing Aconcagua (even though I've obviously never climbed Aconcagua). You're a good runner, you will have no problem if you stick to a conventional training plan.

I agree re announcing a goal publicly. In fact that's pretty much how I did my first marathon.

soph said...

Brilliant! I am aiming for the same thing except my target marathon is the ChCh one which is in winter 2012... that is if it is still on.
Otherwise I can highly recommend the Buller course

Susan said...

What a good plan - more vicarious excitement for me. What's say I announce publicly that wherever you do, I will come along to cheer you on (you too Soph) as long as it is not in a country that costs too many dollars to get to!

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