Thursday, February 17, 2005


Flew to Quito 19th January, headed to the frontier with Colombia, spent almost two weeks in Colombia, two days crazy travelling from Popayan in southwest Colombia to Máncora in northern Peru, couple of days on the beach in Máncora, two days in Chiclayo and around, a day in Trujillo, down to Lima where I met Paola and we spent a couple of days before heading back to Arequipa. Have a ticket for Friday night on a small airline from Tacna in southern Peru to Córdoba in Argentina. Intend to spend a couple of days there before continuing on to Buenos Aires for almost a week, then via Mendoza to Santiago again, from where I fly out to Rio on the 3rd of March. Have until the12th in Brazil, then fly Rio-Miami-London on the 12th-13th. Four days there to catch up with friends, then complete the circumnavigation of the globe on the 17th-19th, arriving back in Wellington on the 20th to start work on the 21st.

Stories are coming, don't panic! Keep checking this space over the next couple of weeks, I'll get them finished as soon as possible.

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