Thursday, March 10, 2005

A week in Rio de Janiero...

is not really enough, but I'm trying to squeeze as many tick-off-worthy things into the seven days I have here. Done the trip to the top of the Päo de Azucar and been to the Maracanä to watch a local derby, Flamengo vs. Botafogo. Today am hoping to make it to the Corcovado and the Christ statue. Also taking four days of Portuguese lessons, which is doing my head in a little. Oh, and beaches and a couple of clubs as well. All this doesn't leave much time for blogging, for which reason the Colombia and Peru stories haven't advanced at all. Will have to wait till I get to London or maybe, dear oh dear, back to New Zealand.

In other news, for those who are reading this but aren't actually related to me (I hope there's some of you), I am now an uncle (exclamation mark, can't find it on this keyboard). Alexandra Simone, ah, Bidwell I think, was born somewhere between Sunday and MondayBrazil time, as far as I can work out. Sophia is apparently still in hospital until today, but I'll call her as soon as I get the chance (most likely from London). Pretty exciting, no?

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