Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scooter Races

I had to put up these pictures, from Christmas Day at my parents' place in Rolleston. My almost-five year old niece Alex and almost-three year old nephew Tommy got scooters for Christmas. Tommy hasn't quite got the scootering thing figured yet, although judging by his trampolining and tricycling skills (including braking), it won't be far away.

Alex on the other hand hardly wanted to leave the scooter for a second, and was keen to take on all comers, including her uncle.

Needless to say, I was no match for a light and nimble almost-five year old. "You're too sloow", was the verdict from the finish line as I scrambled the last few metres down the driveway.

To be fair, I was hindered a little by not putting my whole weight onto the scooter, keen not to buckle the kids' Christmas present. Later, on a longer run down a footpath in Kaipoi, Alex's Dad Jeremy showed this was indeed possible and I was able to gather a bit more speed -- but not enough to catch up with Alex.


Susan said...

Gorgeous pix Simon - you made her so happy that you were prepared to race with her. She's got even more proficient now and scoots everywhere.

Amir Kaplan said...

this is very nice but you should put some video clips if you got any.

like this nice blog :

Soph said...

Warning! Tom just started riding his too...he has far less regard for personal safety than his sister. I'm alerting our emergency room.