Sunday, September 26, 2010

Random Short Posts

Since I got back from Peru it's remarkable just how hard I've found it to be devote any time, with a clear conscience, to writing blog posts . A thesis makes a lot of demands, and then there's the attempts to earn some kind of income around the fringes. Then there's the cooking.

But I'm still keen to keep this blog going and feel like I have things to say -- just that for now, most of them are random, disjointed and non-profound.

So over the next little while, expect a variety of short posts on music, sport, books, movies, gear, training, top 10 lists, and the odd bit of politics when things really get out of hand.


sophia Bidwell said...

fine with me. all my favourite bloggers seem to have dried up recently so I look forward to reading some random stuff. was Gerry Brownlee really the woodwork teacher at St Bede's?

Susan said...

Yes just keep doing it no matter how short. Keep your audience!