Sunday, August 10, 2014

Athletic and Practical Goals I Still Have Despite the Passage of Time

More or less in order of estimated plausibility:

  • Run some more half marathons and/or off-road runs 
  • Run at least one marathon
  • Be able to tie (and remember) a variety of appropriate knots for different situations
  • Successfully complete a basic rock and/or ice climbing course
  • Learn to plough accurately with a yunta
  • Be able to put up and take down a variety of different tents without guidance or supervision
  • Learn to saddle and load a donkey from scratch
  • Complete a multiple-day tramp requiring navigation with map and compass
  • Complete the Southern Crossing 1-day run from Otaki Forks to Kaitoke
  • Run a half marathon in 1:30 or less
  • Learn how to saddle and load a mule from scratch
  • Climb a mountain that has some technical aspects
  • Climb an 8,000-metre peak


Anonymous said...

Why is this all about YOU? What about- make someone smile? make someone happy?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes,it was an athletic goal:)