Monday, August 11, 2014


According to Google, nobody or almost nobody else has used the following phrases in the same way that I'm proposing. So I'd better note them down now.

 "Never-industrial" as an adjective. I propose this an alternative to "postindustrial" in the case of an economy and society that is clearly in the post-modern phase (in terms of demography, consumption, employment, technology, media, politics, etc) but has never experienced an "industrial" phase of mass, stable, formal urban employment (whether or not related primarily to manufacturing).  Peru is an obvious example.

One other person seems to have used this in a similar way in 2007, but I thought of it independently. 

"Ethnically male"  - this occurred to me while talking about Martin Amis. What is distinctive about his novels (I'm thinking Money, London Fields and The Information) is that the male viewpoint is not just a default setting for how the world is seen; rather, male identity is acknowledged and explored: the novels are at least in part about maleness.

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