Friday, February 20, 2004

Today's Dominion Post reprinted an article from the Times which is enthusiastic about the prospect of Kerry as president. If the Times likes him, that means Murdoch tolerates him, or is at least prepared to hedge his bets. This has got to improve Kerry's chances.

Tellingly, the Times was particularly upbeat about Kerry's views on energy policy and his intentions to make the US less dependant on Middle East oil by promoting energy effiiciency and conservation. While that might seem like a "progressive" issue, it's worth noting that Big Oil and Big Media seem to be, fairly uniquely in the world of global capitalism, not incestuously intertwined. This allows even the purveyors of Murdockian orthodoxies to articulate common sense and sanity, should they become overwhelmingly compelling. Though probably not Fox News, because that wouldn't be sufficiently Fair and Balanced.

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